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We are glad that you are interested in our services. In introducing our company, we want to make one thing clear – we want to make everything like at home: simple, hospitable and everyone understands each other.Our team are professionals who spend most of their time to organizing and providing services in tourism area. We know this work not from just sitting in an office, but from actually meeting our clients.  We have personally experienced all the routes and programmes and know exactly what will be good for our guests, which places are worth to visit and which are not.Taking into account national features and cuisines and your individual preferences, we will advise and choose the best for you. 


We have a regular standard set of proven tourist routes. But we would like to amaze you with something different, and keep looking for new opportunities all the time. You will be surprised by wide choice of travel programmes we can offer.

We will also take care of organising conferences, participation in exhibitions and business meetings so you and your partners can concentrate on the main purpose of your trip! We will do everything perfectly. Our work will be done professionally, so you will not notice us – unless you want to.

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